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Strange Rebel Gaming (SRG) is all about high-quality content centered around games with compelling narrative and characters. We dive deep into stories, play with lots of excitement from beginning to end, and aren’t afraid to get silly from time to time. After all, games are supposed to be fun! Our mission is to make content that brings you joy and helps remind you why you fell in love with video games in the first place. Love and passion for video games is at home here at SRG.

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About SRG

Strange Rebel Gaming is everywhere.

There are Strange Rebels all over the world! SRG has over 300k cross-platform members. Here's SRG by the numbers.


An active community that plays together to stay together.

The motivation behind every SRG community event is to create fun and memorable opportunities for people to connect. We’ve been told by community members again and again that they’ve created real bonds and lifelong friendships here, and that’s what makes the SRG experience so special.

We’ve got monthly community games, a cooking club, a virtual 5k for charity, community eSports events, and much more! We even have SRG Con, a multi-day online convention that celebrates the people, games, and content of SRG.

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