The 2021 SRG Summer Triathlon!

The 2021 SRG Summer Triathlon!

September 1st, 2021 by Strange Rebel Gaming

The second annual Summer Triathlon took place on Friday, July 31, and it was seven hours of action-packed, chaotic fun!

For those who don’t know what the SRG Summer Triathlon is, allow us to explain. Take three different games that have seemingly no connection to each other, two teams full of community members that race to complete tasks in each game, a livestream featuring insightful, often tangent-laced commentary, and you get an exciting gaming event that’s uniquely SRG.

This year, the three featured games were Final Fantasy XIV, Overwatch, and making its first Summer Triathlon appearance, Outriders. Our two teams, Team Most Okay Gamers and Team Ice Cream Sandwich, spent the last two months working closely together to practice and strategize for the big day. Each squad had carefully planned how they’d complete all tasks first. From class composition in Final Fantasy XIV to expedition order in Outriders to learning new roles in Overwatch, both teams understood that victory is all in the details.

Even those watching had a huge impact on the race! Special spectators for each team competed in gaming trivia, with each correct answer they entered first shaving 17 seconds from their team’s overall finish time.

The friendly competition was close throughout, with both teams staying within striking distance in both the Outriders and Final Fantasy XIV segments of the triathlon. It was in Overwatch where Team Ice Cream Sandwich made a late surge, dispatching of their random Quick Play competition quickly to pull ahead. In the end, Team Ice Cream Sandwich finished first, winning the title of 2021 SRG Summer Triathlon Champion and all the rewards that come with it!

Thanks to both Team Most Okay Gamers and Team Ice Cream Sandwich for putting on a great show. While the Summer Triathlon is a competition, at the end of the day, it’s all about playing together, having fun, and creating bonds. There’s just something magical that happens when people are united by a common goal. It’s our hope that that spark of SRG unification and friendship burns for a very, very long time.

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