Watermelon #PotBabes!

Watermelon #PotBabes!

September 1st, 2021 by Strange Rebel Gaming

Nothing says summertime more than a big, juicy watermelon, making SRG’s favorite slappable fruit the perfect theme ingredient for #PotBabes in July.

Now, watermelon isn’t normally associated with savory food. It’s sweet, light, and delicious when chilled, making it a natural star in the dessert world. But this is SRG, so expecting the unexpected is probably a safe bet. And, boy, did our SRG cooks embrace the atypical with this one!

Let’s start with Nintendies’s smoked watermelon. Marinated in soy sauce and then coated from end to end with a deep, red dry rub, he smoked a whole watermelon for several hours to mimic the texture and flavor of ham. You heard that right. Ham. The picture speaks for itself. The bright red color of the fruity smoked flesh makes it impossible to not want to try it!

But who says the watermelon rind can’t be in the spotlight? Cloudsoratidus proved exactly that. After carefully cutting and dicing up some watermelon rind, he sprinkled on some Asian seasonings and marinated the rind to create a unique ahi substitute that went perfect with rice. Maybe, next time, the rest of us will think twice about discarding the rind so quickly.

While the savory surprises of this month’s #Potbabes were definitely attention-grabbing, you just can’t beat a cold, sweet watermelon dessert. They’re just the best, and Grace knows it. She whipped up some watermelon sherbet from scratch and even threw in some chocolate chips to mimic watermelon seeds. Both cute and tasty!

Those were just a few of the creative dishes put together by the gastronomic gamers of SRG. They really proved that watermelon can be served up in any shape, form, and method. It’s a lot more versatile than any of us really gave it credit for.

Until next time!

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