Community smashes Starcaller’s Trail goals!

Community smashes Starcaller’s Trail goals!

February 4th, 2024 by Strange Rebel Gaming

From the pickle plane crash site to the cavern of the bean people and the ominous brute farm, the SRG Community traversed the Starcaller’s Trail with gusto and came out even stronger!

The SRG Spirit Sprint got a new look in 2023. Instead of a traditional virtual 5k, the community goal was to walk or run 200k collectively in a gamified world called the Starcaller’s Trail. They had seven days to complete the Starcaller’s Trail and meet their goal. Distance milestones were rewarded with colorful story chapters and bonus items that changed the narrative and made their journey easier. Not fulfilling daily milestones meant taking damage and more difficult story obstacles ahead.

Not that the SRG community had to worry about taking damage. Not only did they make it to the end of the trail with full health, but they also completed the 200k community goal on the first day! Needless to say, the SRG community management team felt a bit sheepish about giving such a feeble goal to a Discord server full of overachievers. The ante needed to be raised! The proverbial gauntlet needed to be thrown! So, a massive stretch goal of 1000k was made. The reward: more Starcaller action in another round of SRG Dungeons & Dragons.

The stretch goal proved more challenging, but SRG rallied. New people accepted the challenge. Many got up in solidarity with the rest of the community, helping to crush the stretch goal with one day to spare! A total of 49 Strange Rebels participated in the revamped Spirit Sprint, walking and/or running a collective total of 1217km! The Starcaller’s Trail, while not easy, was no match for this amazing community.

We’re so proud of every single person who participated! The Spirit Sprint is an SRG tradition meant to remind us all of the importance of maintaining our physical and mental health. In that sense, we hope you all got as much out of the experience as we did.

Here’s to good community health and more Starcaller!

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