SRG kicks off 2024 with SRG at Night: Rebirth

SRG kicks off 2024 with SRG at Night: Rebirth

February 4th, 2024 by Strange Rebel Gaming

The first major community event of 2024 is behind us, but it’s given us even more ridiculous SRG memories to look back on. We partied the night away with SRG at Night: Rebirth being the third chapter in the SRG at Night event series since debuting back in 2021. And while we may have grown older and wiser since the first, the fun and silliness of SRG at Night remains intact.

SRG at Night is all about bringing the excitement and fun of a night out with friends into a digital space. The nighttime theme is delivered throughout, along with live games over video that are a little offbeat and let our community connect while they laugh the night away. But this SRG at Night needed to be even more special. As a celebration of both the new year and the one we just passed, the Rebirth theme fit the bill just right. As such, the idea of taking something old and making it new and fresh was sprinkled on every game we played together.

There was “Final Fantasy VII Refaced,” a new SRG at Night game where players needed to replicate facial expressions taken from Final Fantasy VII Remake and Rebirth trailers. “Rebirth that Line” also made its SRG at Night debut and had players performing lines from Final fantasy VII Remake but under absurd, fictional circumstances. Have you ever wondered what Aerith would sound like as an emo kid singing about the crippling disparity of dark, eternal heartache? Well, now we do. And with Bri on hand to help our brave performers out with voiceover tips, every line was as amazing or as horrible as you can imagine.

SRG at Night: Rebirth was a reward for Wavemaker Patreon supporters and above. If you’d like to participate in our special brand of madness, the SRG community events calendar has just begun!


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