SRG UNO Tournament 2 is Wild!

SRG UNO Tournament 2 is Wild!

February 4th, 2024 by Strange Rebel Gaming

On July 8, the SRG community hit the tables hard to crown the community’s next UNO champion!

Well, we call it the UNO Champion, but we didn’t actually play UNO. Instead, we used Discord’s built-in Blazing 8s card game because it’s easy to access for everyone and it offers many of the same crazy twists and turns offered by its counterpart. You’ve got your reverse cards, your wild cards, and your +1’s to add cards to other players’ decks. Then there’s the wiliest of the bunch—the hand swap card. This little four-sided bruiser swaps your hand with the player going next, making it an absolute gamechanger/soul-crusher when used right.

We started with five tables of players. The competition was fun, fierce, and sprinkled with plenty of Strange Rebel weirdness as the starting tables were whittled down to two tables and then one. At the final table were the five best Blazing 8s players on this side of the Mississippi: AlexEnergizer, allenpandaringwu, SWIG77, 2fiest, and the wildcard pick, MetaZeonex.

When all the cards had been thrown and all the dust settled, MetaZeonex came away with the win and the title of SRG UNO Champion!

Congrats again to the winner and a huge thanks to everyone in the community who participated! It was a great day at SRG and we can’t wait for more.

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