Welcome to the SRG Spirit Sprint: Starcaller’s Trail!

Welcome to the SRG Spirit Sprint: Starcaller’s Trail!

February 4th, 2024 by Strange Rebel Gaming

The SRG Spirit Sprint Virtual 5K was one of the highlights of 2020. In a year where there wasn’t a whole lot to celebrate, the Spirit Sprint was about focusing on both our physical and mental health, all while having fun with the rest of the SRG community,

The SRG Spirit Sprint: The Starcaller’s Trail is the successor to that first Spirit Sprint, and it flips it on its head to deliver even more surprises. This iteration of the Spirit Sprint is a week-long event that’s gamified and story-based, with a narrative that takes place in the Starcaller world.

For those who don’t know, the Starcaller is an SRG fictional character created by the community during an SRG Con 2022 panel. She’s a deity-like figure who travels the cosmos, plays Pokémon, and loves pickles. You can probably figure out who the character is loosely based on, right?

The Starcaller world is a magical, steampunk-y city called Rebel City, and it’s there that the Starcaller’s Trail begins.

During the event, community members will be walking, running, biking, hiking their way to 10K (or as close to it as they want), all while tracking progress with Rebelbot in the SRG Discord. With each distance milestone, they’ll unlock new chapters of the narrative and key items that will determine how the rest of their journey will play out.

Reaching the end to the Starcaller’s Trail will take a collective community effort of 200K. Will they unlock all key items to make their journey through the Starcaller’s Trail easier? Will they make it to the end? We’ll find out starting May 15.

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