SRG’s FFVII Rebirth launch celebration stream!

SRG’s FFVII Rebirth launch celebration stream!

March 2nd, 2024 by Strange Rebel Gaming

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launched on February 29 and SRG partied hard to commemorate the occasion!  Bri’s celebration stream brought in Twitch and YouTube audiences for the first time in ages and we celebrated with Final Fantasy-themed games and fun community discussions.

Bri, in true Aerith fashion, let chat come up with 23 tiny wishes which will be used as channel point rewards that can be redeemed during her Rebirth playthrough. And speaking of her playthrough, the community put together a BINGO card filled with scenarios that are likely to happen as she adventures through the game’s story and open world. Bri cries? Of course. Bri says “take”? Definitely. Bri wins a game of Queen’s Blood? Not guaranteed, but most likely. Bri forgets to turn off “Big Bri” mode? She’s a professional streamer, after all.

Once the wishes were noted and the BINGO squares squared away, Bri unleashed her inner-Picasso with an improvised game of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth-themed Gartic. Think Pictionary but for the internet and more stressful. Bri drew pictures of Rebirth-themed subjects and chat was tasked with guessing what or whom she was creating. While some were easy (Who doesn’t know what the Buster Sword looks like?) others proved more hilariously challenging like her highly, highly accurate recreation of Palmer.

We then ended the night with a special giveaway. One lucky Strange Rebel won a signed poster of the director of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Naoki Hamaguchi. Congrats to the winner of the poster and 7,777,777 thanks to all those who came to celebrate with us! Bri’s playthrough of Rebirth will be starting soon for even more laughs and special moments.

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