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Question of the Week

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Past Questions of the Week

Whether it happened in sports, gaming, work, or just life, describe a time or situation when you overcame the pressure and fear to perform and ended up feeling like a winner.

In 4th grade, my elementary school was a participant in a county-wide chess competition. Any student between the ages of 10 and 18 could enter, and I was one of the youngest entrants. Pretty much everyone else was at least 13 (there had to be at least 40 students from 20 different schools participating), so I was pretty nervous when I arrived at the venue. I kept telling myself that I didn't belong there, that everyone else was clearly better than me because they were so much older.

But my parents took me aside and assured me that all I had to do was do my best, and they would be cheering me on, no matter what happens. No pressure lol.

Even with my stomach in knots the entire day, I ended up winning the entire event, taking first place over middle and high schoolers from all over the county. The moment I realized I was going to win; I still couldn't believe it. It felt surreal, and I can remember looking around the room to find my parents, and when I saw them, I realized in that moment...

Nothing is stronger than family.